We were staring at Maurice who slowly taking himsef again, and when Molly have checked he was capable to move, she said: “It’s better go to Lewis, and think what to do there!”
We have looked at her and very slowly, we have nodded. 
In those case, it was better give right to a fairy rather than our confusing thoughts.

So you and Jules have taken Maurice, and Molly have closed the pub with her magical dust.
Luckily in street, who have seen us have thought the same thing of the drunk friend, and none have recognized us. 
We had walked alot before to reach the Lewis’ pub, but it was only our perception. 
Maurice was tall and enough heavy, despite he was thin, but he was still confused and for him put one foot ahead another, was a movement not simple to manage alone, and reaching the pub have been harder than we had thought.

As soon Molly have opened the glass door, Lewis have welcomed us again. 
The walrus was remain to wait for Molly, and when he have seeen Maurice, he have immediately recognized him, asking what had happened to him.
“Don’t worry Lewis, he ‘s ok. I have had thrown him a spell. He is only dazed” Molly have explained, running behind the counter, knowing well what to take, and when she have cameback at the table, where we have sat with Maurice, she have put in front of him another glass of something that it looked at like a magical potion, and she have said him: “Drink it, then you will be fine”, and at end she have looked at us.

Staring Maurice who was drinking from that glass, Molly have said: “The questions of the pale creature, have been clear and direct, i have made Maurice reply in a simple way. From how he made the questions, i have undertand that there is not time to waste, because that portal will be opened in few days, and from there, the leaders, those very wild, they will enter, and i don’t know what it will can happened”
She have looked at us perplexed, but with one unique thought in mind.

In that group, Jules was the only one who was able to read the mind, when Molly have only thought what wanted do, have looked with wide eyes open, and he have shaked his bald black head, throwing a glance toward the big Warlus close to her, saying in a low tone  of voice: “No..!”
Molly had understand that he had comprehend everything, and as if there was only Jules in that pub, she have reply in a sigh: “It’s the only way…” and then she have looking at straight into Lewis’ eyes, holding his big paw, while we were looking at Jules, searching for understand what was happening. 

Even Lewis was confused, and at end he have asked Molly to talk clearly.
“I know that glance, Molly. Speak.”
And only when Lewis have asked Molly continue, i have totally understand what was her plan, and unconditionally i have throw away all the air from the lungs. But only you have been capable to formulate that sentence that was rounding in the air from when Molly have looked his friend without say nothing. 

“I can understand Molly” you have began looking at the tiny fairy surrounded by her bright light and her iridescent wings that were beating delicately, and she was nodding, praying you to continue.
Looking at yourself around, even you was collecting all the forces to explain what was clear to everybody except Lewis who was still staring at Molly.
“Once, definitively closed the portal, we can rebuild everything…”

I have looked at you, and i knew how much hard have been hard put in row those few sentences, even for you.
We everybody have shared a quick glance, and at end everybody have looked at Lewis, who really slow, was realizing what you had said and what Molly hadn’t courage say him.
Only when Lewis have understand that he have to destroy all what he had buildt in all these years, Molly have came closer to him, and taking again his webbed paws, she have repeated: “It’s the only way!”

I hadn’t still talk, but i was observing all the glances of Lewis that slowly were changing each time he taken awareness of what he was hearing, and without have the Jules’ skill, i could see almost a sense of  freedom inside that good giant.
“We should start as soon as possible” i have said meeting the agree of everybody, and then i got up and i have came closer to Lewis, and looking at him straight into his black eyes, i wanted take off  him that boulder that he have had brought, since when the portal have opened for the very first time in his local.
“I know, it will be hard, but you have to think when all this ” – indicating that wall – ” will be over” and i have caressed him sweetly, and him have nodded, with a tiny tear that was rolling down between the two fangs.”


Listen to it⇓⇓




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