How much

I would like stay so in silence, hearing our heart that beat unison, and caressing your sweet face, and ocassionally tell you how many things i can perceive in your tiny mole, and touch it, and maybe kiss it, while you tell me wonderful stories. 

I close the eyes and slowly i can perceive your embrace around my belly, and your are arms tightening always more my body to your. 
I lift the face and our eyes meet. 
You remain in silence, while i dive myself in your blue eyes, and there i meet your soul. 

When you whisper my name our emotions merging one another. 
When you say my name and i reply with your, everything vanish.

All of a sudden we are in your shed, and everything is transform in Our Parallel World.
When i dive in your eyes you make me see your sweetness, and feel your closeness surround my being, and that something magical that have born time ago, it’s the only magical potion i want drink with you.
What have born six years ago it’s the most beautiful magic, in which i have involved, and if it’s a dream, please don’t wake me up.

You are the most beautiful dream i’m living.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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