Seemed that Jules had hurry to bring us to somewhere, and seemed he was breathless.
“Jules what’s up? ” you have asked him, looking at me with that question that seemed he hadn’t even heard.
We have stop, in the middle of the street, but he seemed having hurry to bring us away from there.

We had learnt  bit things of Jules, and we had not seen him like this, so we had decided to indulge him, and  finally he have brought us inside an empty building where he had found a safe place for hid ourselves.
It had few furnutire but it was what we had need.

Jules had invited us enter and without say anything we have looked at us around, and we have take a sit on two old brownish leather chair, and we were looking at Jules who seemed still agitated for what he had seen or heard. 
Taken breathe, the thin black creature, have looked at straight into our eyes, and at end he said: “HIM had said me that this dimension it would have been the most dangerous… and right now i have understood…”
“What?” you asked. 
“All those creatures that have crossed the portal…”
“And…?!” I have encouraged him to continue, but there was a silence that have freezed everybody and one only thought have crossed simultaneously our minds, and only when we have crossed once again the glance with that one of Jules, Jules have nodded, and only you have sighed: “All those creatures know about us, and they aren’t good.”
“They have found this way, and from long time they enter into that pub”, Jules added.

We have looked at us, then we have share a glance with Jules who had understood something, but our thoughts were chasing each other too fast, and at end he have said: “Hey! Please stop you!” As much he was good to read the minds, that one that he had understood, was so confusion, but  at end he have asked: “Which book?”
Shyly we have smiled nervously, and with the calm that we have could have only in those moments, you have explained Jules that maybe we have could have a little advantage.
“We have prefered stay in that pub, rather come out, and in those hours, we have known the owner, that big Walrus…” and Jules have nodded. Despite his ran away out of that pub, he have clashed against him asking him excuse.
“I have take a glimpse to the pub and i have ran away” he said, but he had not said everything, but he was not worry because that question would have arrived soon or later.

Infact only after few instants later, i have stared at him and i have asked: “Why have not you have waited for us?”
The reply was so obvious, but Jules have replied with another question: “How have you procurated that wound?” indicating that small wound that you had on your face. You have touched it and was till a bit bleeding, and i have seen it for the first time. 
There was no longer need to reply. 
We have ended that even Jules, inside that nucleus had fought against something, and it was about to take him. When he have came out from the portal, he have close it inside of it.

When we had realized that we had have the same experience, we have looked at each other, and we remained in silence for a while, but right after,  you got up from that chair and have said: “We have to warn Lewis and Molly, and take a look once again to that book” and Jules have nodded, making show us a map that he had drawn, for cross the town without make us notice. 
“The latest creatures who have not crossed the nucleus, maybe will try again to enter, and maybe they will be the most aggressive” said Jules and you have touched the small wound on your face. 
I have sighed: “Absolutely, we have to warn Lewis and Molly and take that book.
You both, have looked at me and have nodded. 
I have followed Jules and you have closed the door of that empty aparment.

It was already night.”


Listen to it⇓⇓




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