Your embrace

From behind and your whispers, your voice, your arms, your chest against my back.
I close the eyes. Everything become Our Parallel World. 
We taking the flight, while our senses are connect each other, and we become one only thing. 

Everything running away, and you turn me around, while i feel your perfume surrounding me.
Or connection is begin. Our hearts begin to beat unison and i see Hagalaz, our awoke and Ehwaz our life that is going together, despite our distance.
Our minds are speaking, and our souls are delicately touching. 

I have close the eyes, and i feel your closeness around. 
I can feel your small sighs that are calling me. 
My heart is going crazy. I can feel everything is turning fast, while our souls are lifting up to the infinite universe and they are about to touch. 

Everything is become how we always wished. A world all ours, where our sensations are the only things we want feel. 
Look at me, and tell me you are feel the same things i’m feeling right now. 


Listen to it⇓⇓

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