Even if you didn’t wanted show it, you was a bit worry about that nucleus of stars, but by now we knew  that it would been our next gate, and without thinking much, after have throw away a bit the air from the lungs, you have tightened me to you, and in a sigh, you porposed to exit from the apartment to take a bit of air and see  what it would have happened and above all who we would have meeting.

The idea wasn’t wild, and it have would distract us for a couple of hours.
Certanly we have would not meet normal persons, but at least  we have would meet new faces, and at least we would have not think to the nucleus of stars, that was hammering our mind, since when we have arrived at that conclusion.

For a bit, i have looked at you without say anything, but all of sudden, as if someone had shaked me, i have said: “Yes! Lets go out!”, and  for a couple of seconds i have stared your leather jacket, and with a soft: “Ok”, you have took it.
Standing  up, you have stretched your hand, and one in front another,  you have smiled me.
It was useless speaking, we were thinking at the same thing, and dressed by that leather jacket, you have opened the grey heavy door with the keys found inside the small bowl next the door, and with a sense of wonder, it seemed that HIM wanted that we come out.
But only when you have inserted the key inside the keyhole, for a moment you have had a doubt, but only when have looked at me, i have sighed: “Come on…”,  you have turned the keys, and when the door have opened, we held back the breathe.

We were about to leave our safe place to explore what there was around us in that intermediate dimension.
The location looked like the original one, but we knew it was just an illusion. 
Even that hidden stairs just in front of the rusty gate, it had deceived us, and that’s why you have checked earlier to make me go through the rusty gate. 
You have gave me your hand saying: “Be careful to the stair”, and so i have hold you well.

Smiling at you, the corner of the eye was looking at the sky, and the core was always there, spinning slowly. You have noticed that i was distracted, and with a low tone of voice, you have said: “Don’t look at it. Let’s go.” and finally my eyes have met your, and  that final smile was totally only for you. 
And when i felt your hand tightening mine, my glance from you, it have began to stare the street, with all its uneven concrete.
And only when we have crossed that dark alley, we stopped ourselves at the begin to the main piazza.

It seemed like relive one of  many scenes of the other dimensions, but as soon as, we have more paid attention, we had know that it wasn’t a deja vù, on the contrary. 
All the creatures that were walking, have stopped, and have looked at us curiously, and some of them have lifted their big faces toward the sky, indicating the nucleus from which, in someway, we were escaping.
And  only when they have understand who we were, they have reprised the walk. 

Only one creature have continued to stare us, hidden in the middle of the piazza crowded, and only when the piazza was emptied, that creature was still there looking at us, and only when we have taken courage to go inside the only pub that have could seemed that in which we have met us for the first time,  that creature have followed us. It seemed that he wanted talk with us.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓




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