When i feel

Your closeness around me, my head pulses, and the soft punch in the stomach grows.
And when i close the eyes,  i can feel your arms around my belly, and your whisper wraps my being, and my thoughts are toward you.

When our thought merging each other, everything become more beautiful, and slowly Our Parallel World is lift and  unite us in the delicatest way possible

I’m shaking like a leaf, because, i don’t know how, you are reading what i’m writing in this open diary, and i feel you emotions running in my veins, and everything vanish.

Your eyes are the most beautiful thing i had ever seen, and they express what you are feeling, and they make me feel so lost inside your soul.
It’s enough a glance and i can see what you really are: what i have always looking for. 
What you have given me it’s unique, and also moving. 
You touch that tiny part of my soul that i never have believe to have. That’s you that tiny part. It’s belong to you.

From when our connection have began, everything is wonderful. 
Everyday it’s a new emotion and when i see you, i know that it’s come from you. 
These little electric shocks are the most beautiful sensations that we can feel, and everything is beautiful when Our Parallel World is lifting around us, despite our long distance.

I feel your closeness. I feel your arms around my belly, and you feel my thoughts.
Everything it’s the most beautiful thing that we can feel, despite we are live at the opposite side of the planet.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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