– 32 –

You knew well that Roger would noticed your absence but even he would have understand your need to stay in peace for think on what you had done, and maybe give a worthy burial to that creature who  have been killed, almost like your fateful friend. 

You had left Roger, almost in silence, just when he given the new orders to those orphan creatures of their leaders.
That night seemed lasting more than usual. The fire in the middle of the city was turning off very slow, and some creatures were walking along those street, almost don’t recognizing that place that once, they have called home, and that sensation had pervaded even you. 

When finally, you have found a worthy place, you have checked that there was no anybody around, and then you have take a sit on that dusty ground. 
You have threw away all the air from the lungs, placing the head of the nimble creature on your knees, and finally you have turned on the device and you have called me.

For a while there was no response, but you had no hurry: you have thought it was better so. You wanted collect all thoughts, and maybe even set free your mind, from everything you had faced up to.
But your need to hear my voice was stronger than any thought was running your mind, and only after few seconds, you have tried again, and this time your voice have reached me.

Only when through the device, you have heard a croaking noise, your heart have started to beat like a crazy, and you have  sighed once again my name, and only hearing your name through my voice, you have relaxed yourself.

We haven’t talked immediately, but simultaneously, we have excluded everything around, and only when we have been capable to hear only our hearts beat unison, each of us have asked how the other was doing.

Me, i have started to speak, even because i was hearing your heart beating like a jackhammer, and i knew  that you had to get calm. 
I have whispered you to breath with me first and think that everything was over. 
“We have assisted to everything. Little by little, the fights in town have stopped, and at certain point everybody have placed in front of the City Hall. When the Golden Griffin have said us «It’s over» we had not wanted believed it, and only when we have perceived your voice first then that one of  Roger, we have looked at each other, and we have looked at once again the Golden Griffiin who opened wide his wings, and he have thrown his re-call.”

I knew that have happened something more serious. Your silence was heavier than the silence itself.
Morever i knew that you wanted hear my voice to feel you wrapped  by a sound that you was love a lot, but when i have asked you:”Love, what’s going on?”, that one breath that i have been capable to slow dow, all of a sudden, have increased once again, and only when you have said me what have happened in that City Hall to the nimble creature, i have perceived all your sadness, and only in those seconds i have retraced the same passageway in that dimension, in which HIM have lost his life looking for to warning us that something was coming toward us.

When i heard your broken voice say: “I have not been capable to saved him”, my soul have broken, and i have looked Margaret and Jabe speechless, and now, even my heart had started to beat like a jackhammer.
I have would wanted to come to you and looking at you straight into those eyes, and assured you that it have been not your guilt, but it was an impossible thing, and to descend that mountain, it wasn’t a stroll.
Margaret had adviced  to go down at the first light of the next day, and in that small bag, she had even a small camping tend, in which they had decided that i would have sleep.

While i was looking for to close the communication with you, Jabe and Margaret have set that camping tend, and turned on a couple of flashlight around.
The Golden Griffin was looking at each moves we were doing but then he have squat down, and he closed the eyes. He fallen asleep, but his soft yellow soft light have enveloped everybody, and it have made us felt us secure after long long time. 

Before to close the eyes, i have spent many time to think to you, and even if you have could not hear me, i  sweetly talked to you. 
I fallen asleep thinking of you.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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