– 31 –

When you have take the nimble creature among your arms, Roger have been capable to read your mind, and what he have seen  the exact scene but in a different scenario, but the pain was the same, and only when he have met that glance into  your eyes, you have looked at him and looking at the nimble creature, in a sigh, you have said: “He remember him so much”, and without any explication Roger had undertand that you was talking about that fateful  figure that had followed you all during your childhood, and by chance you have met, in one of our journeys between those dimension, and as the nimble creature, he have been wounded to death, and that now, looking at that creature, you was passing the same pain that had felt during those hours in our apartment, seeing  your imaginary friend in front of you who  was really leaving you.

But now the pain had a bitter taste, and that latest phrase that he had said before to die, was hammering your head, and what you wanted do was maintain that promise.
You had, still to go out from the City Hall, and now the small troop that have following you, had like prisoneers, those creatures who have entered in the building to defend  their leaders, both and by now dead, left in that building.

Before to go out, you had have to go downstair a couple of floors, and that descent have been very silent, but in that silent, only Roger have hearing those confused  questions that those creatures have made themselves, looking for a  something of confortable in the glance of their companion, but what that they only have found, have been the same questioning face of who they were looking at. 
Only Roger knew how to reply them, but he have preferred go out from the building before to speak. 
From the several windows along the stairs, he had seen several creatures with the same gaze printed on their faces, and they have waiting for someone who had came out from that building. 

Creatures who were feeling themselves lost without their leaders. Creatures totally depending from those creatures who were lay down on that floor without life.
And only when you have stopped in front of the main big entrance, Roger have exceeded the end of that group and one by one have looked at them with an unequivocal glance, and only when opened the door, you have  go out and only when exceeded Roger, you have looked at him surprised, but in your deep, you knew what was happening, but when you have looked at Roger once again, he have given the order to one of our creatures to take  the nimble one from your arms, and then you have thrown away all the air from the lungs, and only after have looked at Roger who was nodding, you have started to speak to those creatures who were placed themselves under that big stairs.

First of all, you have started explain the news of the death of their two leaders, and after a big  murmuring of that one  audience that few hours ago wanted see you dead, they seemed asking you what they have would do. You have looked at one of them, and in his eyes you have could see a helping demand, but at this time, Roger have came in your help, and when he have gave a pat on your shoulder, you have looked at him, and you moved yourself.

Roger knew well how approach himself to those creatures, and he was comprehending those moments of total forsaken of those creatures who were militarily addestrated to follow a strong leader, and do what it have came said to do, and he have started to talk. 
“I asking you only one thing. What do you have gained fightng against these poor creatures?”  indicating those latest creatures wounded but still alive on the ground who curing themselves as they could.
“I tell you what you have gained. Nothing! Look at yourself around, and  above all look at that mountain. A new Golden Griffin have born. I asking you what do you want still?  Another battle, without a leader, or  stay with a leader who protect you? It is your choice. Your opportunity is up there” 

Roger knew that with that speech had hit the mark, and he have left you on that stairs breathless, and only few seconds you have followed him between those creatures who were looking at him in silence, but he knew that that choose it would be taken in those second later, and it have been so. 

Little  by little, one by one, those creatures have started to looking themselves around, and without asking nothing, they have started to follow Roger, who after a couple of minutes, have turned, and he have started to give them orders. You have remained speechless, and now with the nimble creature once again between your arms, you went in a peaceful place, and there you have turned on your device and you have called me.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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