– 18 –

They had to came out  in hurry from that strange tunnel, but Roger have wanted communicate with Jabe first. 

He have pushed that little botton on the device that he had on, and immediately a croaking voice have came out, and Roger have explained where they were, and in short sentences he have expose to Jabe what they were about to do. 
Only after few instants after Jabe have reply: “Now i can see you, but your signal is very weak”, as reply Roger, have said him to don’t be worry, because in the shortest time everybody would be came out, and that weak signal would be once again strong. 

In that short communication Roger have spent a thought for her beloved. 
He have looked at you, and without not even ask, he went to the end of the group to check every creatures was ready, and above all  for make you have a bit of time to speake with me.
You have shared a quick glance, and without thinking much even you have push that small botton on your device, and very slow, you have called me. 

When i have hear your voice, everything around have vanished. My heart have started to beat  very fast, and when Jabe have given me that microphone, i have been able to say you name only by will force. I was not capable to speak, but you was capable to hear my heart, and only hearing it, you could perceive my strong emotion.
You have been capable only to say: “It will be alright… You are always by my side!” and right after the communication have been interrupted. I have looked at Jabe with wide eyes open asking him what have happened, but he have been not able to explain it to me. When Margaret have reached me, i have sighed your name, and i have looked at her, and she with her green eyes have tranquilized me. She said me only to take a long breathe and i’ve did it with her.

I was felt a bit lost, but immediately after Jabe have been capable to establish again the communication through those devices, and for a moment i have could feel your heart beating, and that regular and slow sound have entered inside me and i have figured you next to me.

When Roger had checked every creatures, he got back in lead, and he have looked at you asking if everything was ok. What you have would said was the exact contrary of what you have said him.
Despite we had faced up to many fight, this was maybe the most dangerous, and now everybody, included Roger, were looking at that greenish bandaged creature, who was looking at the situation through the grid of that manhole, and he was making some counts, but now it was not time to make some calculations, and only when Roger have thrown a glance toward you, without realize you have nodded and when the leader of the group have lifted the closed fist up, then he have opened it, everybody have knew that their time have arrived, and without ceremonies, he have moved aside the creature, and with several hits with his weapon, he have broke the grid and with a quick move have jumped in the piazza and he have started to fight, while the other creatures like a swollen river have came out, and even them have started to run against their enemies, and so in those seconds the Roger battle have started.

You have followed him and looking for to better distinguish the one to anothers, you was looking for get rid of them without thinking much, keeping in mind what Roger had said you only looking at you few hours ago in that tunnel.
And with those sentences in mind, without realize, you have killed, and wounded many. 

Several time when Roger have been not able to kill that one with which he was fighting against, you have made it for him. 
It seemed that you was his shoulder, and only after a couple of  uncertanty, you have learn very soon to defend yourself and Roger. 
All of a sudden every your prejudice on who to save and who not, vanished in a blink, and who was clash against you had to be wounded or had to die.

Those creatures who belonged to our group were always more disincreasing, and if Roger wasn’t intervened, surely that city would been overwhelmed, and build an another reign in memoir of the Golden Griffin would been impossible. 
But the end of that war was still very far, and it would ended, only when  Roger have would not seen the last enemy ask mercy.”


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