– 17 –

That creature was looking at Roger very carefully, and only after few seconds he had realized that you were all armed  and ready to act.
You was looking at the whole scene, as if you was outside from your body, and only when someone have given a small pat on your shoulder, you got back among those creatures. 

Roger given the last orders, following the indications of that wounded creature who was hid, not for escape from an inevitable end, but only to take breathe again and check that wound that he had along the greenish scaly skin. 
Some of the Roger squad had a small aid box, and Roger have asked to better check that wound, because from what had seen, it was not a serious wound and one who knew that battlefield, it was always useful.

That creature was healed and bandaged, and looking at straight his eyes, Roger have asked him if he could give some hand. 
“Everything for the Golden Griffin!” he have replied got up himself on his foot immediately after,and Roger have beckon, explaining him what was his plan, and tthat creature seemed very interested, and ocassionally he was saying that from “that or other side” was impossible cross, because there were the stronger creatures who were blocking the passage.
Roger had placed on  the ground a map of the city, and now he was marking those forbidden zones of which he didn’t knew that were blocked, and in few minutes he was studying another plan.

He was looking at that map, and maybe he didn’t have seen the only way to enter in that chaos, from the second door. 
It was  from a bit that you was staring that point on that map, believing that even Roger have noticed it, but the more the minutes passed by, the more you looking at him in silence, but only after a short time, the great beast have looked at you, and you with slow movements have looked at that point of that map, and after have seen better, finally even Roger had seen what you had seen minutes ago: a manhole just in the centre of the piazza.
Roger have looked at you in silence, and without make everybody see it, at end with his paw, have marked it,  and with a soft nod, he have thanked you. 

He had spent many of the energies to brought you unharmed till there, and now it was logical that he had  the mind a bit out of focus, and certainly you didn’t wanted make him appear weak at the eyes of the other creatures, so you have helped him to find another manhole from which you have could enter, and hit from below.
After have found a second one, one by one you entered in, and immediately you have realized that you seemd entered in another dimension, and it seemed scarest than that one above.  

The sounds that were surrounding you were muffled, and the water drops of the gutters along the tunnel of that manhole resounding throught the walls, and the battle that was fighting only meters a bit distants from you, seemed very far.
Maybe the only who have noticed that have been you and Roger who was walking by your side. 
Ocassionally you have shared a glance each other, underlining that submarine atmosphere, and those muffled noises were making falling some bricks in the water that was running slow, it was really surreal, and Roger  was warning everybody to be careful, even if the passage was short. 
That atmosphere didn’t like him at all.

But luckily, you could see the light of that fateful manhole in the middle of the square, and that light bright that pathway that until then had been dark and so alienating, and even demotivating for some creatures.
Roger have made everybody sign to go slower, till he would have arrived below the manhole to check the situation. 
He have wanted you next to him, and so you went. 

He have looked at straight into your eyes upheaveled. You were below that manhole and those sounds of that battle were still very far, but yet you was assisting to those fights at very few meters.
In those seconds, only two sentences have came out from Roger mouth, and you without wait for that he had ended, have nodded, and immediately after have made sign the others to get prepare themselves to came out.”


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