– 19 –

Thanks to the device that you had on your wrist, you and Roger have been capable to distinguish the creatures who were fighting with you and those against you.
Each time you have recognized one in difficulty you went and given your help and in few moves you hits him, and the death for the unfortunate creature, was around the corner, and the  saved creature only after few sentences was understand who you were.

Roger’ intention was that to find the leader of the opposite band and kill him. 
He knew that till that creature was still alive, all the others would have a refer point  to which they could see, feel their supremacy, and their strenght, as each creature of his group.
Roger had left opened the communication channel on his device, and he could communicate with Jabe, who could given some directions to him.

The group was scattered everywhere, and were fighting against each creatures who meeting, but was following his leader, and Roger was going always more ahead, following the Jabe instructions.
Now you have understand because both the band were dressing caps, ad they hidden their faces. 
That smell smoky was unbearable to inhale, and quickly, you and many other creature have snatched you shirt sleeves for cover your face.

That smoky smell was entering in your lungs and at certain point you couldn’t breathe.
Little by little you and the group have came closer toward a side of the piazza, you have had to stop yourself  for that strong smell.
Roger seemed the only one don’t being hit by that pungent smell that had enveloped the city, and it was maybe for his rectratible proboscid. You could see him that was inhaling that smell  when he had the proboscid inside, and after few second that appendix come out and splash out a grey cloud, and in that way he was keeping always clean his lungs, and he was the only one who would have continue, but not everybody had his lucky. 
Many, included you, had to take breathe again, and understand where Roger were leading. 

By now, the city was a death place and many of the deaths belonged to our group, and almost the survivors were seriously wounded or very close to the death, but now it seemed a personal fight against Roger and that leader who seemed hiding himself inside the City Hall, so Jabe had said. 
Roger seemed firm in his decision to go there even alone, but when he have met your glance, he have understand that was a crazyness, and you have made him understand to wait another a couple of seconds, and with the seriouness of the moment you have called together all those creatures, saying to make another sacrifice and follow their leader, and then you have looked at him, and Roger with a hard glance have looked at one by one, he have begun to talk.

“We arrived in late, we have fighted alot,and many of our bravest creatures have lost their lives, but maybe we are not arrived as losers. There is a last chance to redeem all the lives we have lost and give to the Golden Griffin a worthy revenge. My contact in my special deparment says me that there is someone in that building, and for sure i know it’s the leader of our enemies.”
Ended his speech, Roger have looked at himself around in search of that creature who they had found in that alley, but he seemed vanished. He have thought that was dead, and among every those creatures fallen it was impossible recognize one by anothers. He have thrown a glance toward you have understand that he was looking for him, but you have looked at him making a negative nod, then you have came closer to Roger saying: “It’s impossible search for him, we have to find an own way to enter.” 

You had understand that it was so dangerous enter in the main entrance of that building. It would been a clear invite to die, and Roger didn’t wanted it. 
The sides of that piazza were still blocked by those energumens, and now knew why.
They were defending that building and the only way to enter was find a grid along one of the many alley that were skirting the City Hall

In the piazza was still fighting the lastest and small battles, and certanly they would not have noticed our absence, but you and the group have left that place one by one, and very slow. But the first have beeen you and Roger, and maybe it would been enough.”


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