– Interlude 54 –

All that atmosphere seemed freeze itself, and everybody have looked at us breathless, and the only one who have make us notice have been Sally. 
That white light was enveloping us always more, and that sensation inside us was growing  quickly, and everything Rick have told us just few instants before, seemed was arrived all of sudden, and all the creatures, in those instants didn’t know what to do.

The moment of our leaving seemed arrived, and it was the very first time that we had leaving a dimension in front of  the creatures, and we were a bit scared, but it seemed that white light of the crystal was even a shield to protect us. 
What we were feeling was the strongest push we have could feel than the other times, and maybe it was so because this time we were vigilant, and maybe because we have seen the wonder of that group of creature who had all their eyes set on us. 

Maybe we were not ready to leave that dimension in that way. I have looked at you, and without say anything, you have understand my discomfort, but  this time you have could not do anything to change it. 
You have whispered me to look at you, and don’t think to anything else. 
Our hearts have began to beat unison very fast and it seemed that their beats were resounding in all the town, and all the group of creatures next to us, were at our mercy.
Even the big Mark wasn’t able to stay still, and he was keeping Sally tight, who on the contrary, wanted enter in that twirl that very slow, was enveloping us, and little by little the soft light have making us fading inside.

But we knew that weren’t still entered in that cyclone that we knew well. We were still sat in that bench, and we were able to see  everybody, but like inside a magical mirror, they have could only see that white soft light that very slow, was becoming bliding. 
Only when that light of that tiny crystal have became more brighter, and annoying to see, we inside of it, we have could feel the thrust becoming more powerful and speedy.

And only when we have looked at each other, we have tightened more the hands, we have throw away all the air from the lungs, we have  felt like a thrust that was coming from far, and like the fastest train, we have been invested and dragged away from that dimension.
Only after few seconds later, we have realized that, we had left it. 

In our ascedent in the sky following the tracks of the crystal, we had seen that all the creatures had lifted their faces to see where that white light was going, and in someways they knew that we were us, and they had followed that track till it have exploded in million of pieces, leaving in the sky, another little stars. 
Leaving that dimension, we have could feel the voice of Sally who was saluting us, and when her voice have distinctly reached us, we have looked each other, while we were holding us, and you have could perceived my emotion and only when  our glances met, we both have throw away all the air from the lungs, and after that glance, we have looked at straight into the eyes, and only  in the latest glance we have questioned us where we would end. 

We didn’t know the reply, and only after few seconds, we have left go everything.
We have turned round ourselves inside that light, and we could feel our minds connect itself with the other always in a strongest way, but always in a different way.
We had forget, how in those journeys, mind and body were intertwined themselves, and this time we have felt those emotions bigger ever, because we had found ourselves again, finding our intimacy, and finding our intimacy, those emotions in that twirl, they have expanding themselves, making us feel even the smaller shades inside and around us.

Slowly our bodies were stripped by those few clothes that we had on, and you have dragged me toward you, and immediately after that white light that had wrapped us til now have vanish, and all of sudden we have fallen inside a  black vortex, and immediately, we have perceived another kind of thrust: faster, and now our bodies were at mercy of  it.
All of  a sudden we have thought to our latest  friends, thinking to what we have would find in that next dimension. I have looked at you with wide eyes open, and you have shared one of the sweetest glance assuring me that we have would face up to everything we have would meeting with the only weapon we had.

Nervously i have smiled you, and dragging me toward you, you have made me feel in the safest place i’ve ever been. 
In your arms.”


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