– prologue –

It seemed that in those next seconds we had definitely left that calm dimension and now, our bodies were transportated in that one that it would been our “home” till everything would be solved.

We had feel the final thrust make iteself always stronger and faster, and uconsciously you have kept me strong to you, and we have shared a glance, almost scared. 
We had forget those final thrusts that were coming from our bowels.

We were about to enter in the new dimension and, already from the smell we have could feel, we have perceived that it was total different from the last one.
The smell we have feel, it was that one of the smoke that slowly was spreading in that city, and from the last part of the  cyclone in which we were in, we have could hear that it was a city in total panic. 
Screams everywhere that were merging with some malignant laughs. 
We would be entered in that dimension without make us notice, maybe it was only thing at our advantage.

We had faced up to many situation like that, but we didn’t know how manage these kind of matter.
In that final section we have coud hear also several car clashes, and the more the final thrust was bringing us at the end, we could see the scenario that was becoming bigger, and only when that invisible hand have dragged us inside, we have rolled on a concrete street, and nobody have noticed us that we were completely naked.

There was a complete chaos in street: who was running  chased by other one, and others were launching inflammable bottle toward some buildings, and those car clashes we had heard, we have noticed that they were stopped in the middle of that street, but inside there were no longer anybody. 
It seemed the occupants had seen something or someone who had scared them and they have ran away.

We didn’t know where to go. We were looking at us around, and it seemed us be enter in a town in war among the biggest two clan of the city, when we have felt ourselves drag away our bodies from one of the creature of that dimension. 
It seemed it wanted protected us. We were still in the middle of the street so speechless, immobilized, but those two great hands have dragedd us away and that creature haven’t say anything, but he have made us understand that it was better that we had followed that silent advice to hide us. 
And only after checked the situation the creature have spoken: “You don’t will want put in dangerous, just right now?” looking at us all naked. And after looking at around, and after checked once again the situation outside that hid place behind a great redbrick wall, he have made us sign to follow him. 

Each time we have landed in new dimension like that, in turmoil, the very first creature that we have meeting, it have become our refer point, and he seemed give us and helping hand.
In the middle of that war scenario, seemed that that creature knew where go, avoiding those alleys in which we have would meet some other creatures would have targeted us.
We have followed him, looking at us around, and  in each corner of the town there were victims or survivors of that clash, and some of the other creatures were survivors of others fight, and the smell of smoke was a charaterization of that town. 

“At end you will get use to it” he have said, without not even look at us, but he knew that we both were sniffing the air. Another small hint that we have met the right creature to better know this dimension, in which we have landed.
When arrived in front of a building the creature have stopped and for a bit he have looked at himself aroud and he have made us enter first then he have closed the gate, and he indicated an ajar door and made us the gesture to enter inside. 
And after a couple of second it have apparead another creature of the same species, and he have said: “These are the beings of who i have talked you about before” and upheaveled we have smiled, and the other creature have made us sit on a very comfy sofa, while she have squared us from head to foot, then she went to take us some to wear. 

We were looking at us speechless: how did he have had could talk about us, if he have met us just hour before and since when we had met him, he had put four sentences in row? 
We have kept this question only for us, but when the female has comeback with some clothes for us, she said him: “Don’t scare them with these phrases” and gently se have give us two perfect dresses, smiling us. 

We had not still say a phrase with a complete sense, but we have thanked her with a trembling voice.
She have looked at us with tenderness and only when we got dressed ourselves, we relaxed, listen to what that couple  was saying about the last fight, and only after several replies aloud of the female creature, we have understand that they could speak through the mind. 

After that discover we have looked at the couple with much interesting, but we have prefered stay in silence. 
We knew that they have would speak very soon. That sofa where we were sat was in front of a window, and we have looked at go through. 
We have still seeing some of the sparkles orf the flames, and that smell being vanish.
He have smiled us.”


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