– Interlude 53 –

We knew that Rick have would find the right words to explain to everybdy what we were avoiding to say, but it was evident in our glance, above all to the small Sally, who was looking at us understanding that it was a inevitable thing. 
Her glance was straight into mine, and me in silence was explaining what Rick was about to do with the others creatures, who didn’t know who look at.

Eventually Rick made himself ahead and he started to tell his story.
“I knew that their time would over, when they would have found again everything they were about to forget. And everybody here, know of what i’m talking about.  Few days ago, that they have came here, i’ve been contacted by HIM. Did you remember the story? That evening in the town seemed there were anybody around, and when HIM have came in the pub, i was alone, and i thought i had hallucination. He have talking about two human beings, who had changed in better, many creatures lives of other dimensions. He was talking about some stuff of which, sincerely i didn’t have understand much, but when he have pointed his speech on a right location, where those two human beings, would have could find again part of their intimacy, and find themselves, i have understand a bit more, when he have indicated me that isolated building in that dark alley.
In part, i knew the story of that building and in specifically of that apartment. Some workers have been hired by a mystery creature to recrate at the perfection an apartment of another dimension. Only after few days later i have comprehend that it was for you.”

He stopped himself for a bit. It seemed he had to take breathe again: what he had hid us it was that the visit of HIM, have lasted all night. We have looked at him breathless, then we have shared a glance overwhelmed, and without realized we have taken ourselves our hands and we have tightened them.
Those initial words have began to run in our head fast like train. 
Unconsciously we were making us a general idea of the role of HIM in all our journeys we had done.

When Rick has restarted to speak, we have thrown a glance to the other creatures, especially to the small Sally, who have remained speechless: she who had gained the word’ power, now she wanted listened to the continue of that mysterious story, and without further doubts Rick have continued.

“HIM have spent all evening and almost all night to tell me your story, but what he have underlined me have been the fact that you had to find again your love, your intimacy.” and  he have stopped himself once again. There was a long pause where everything seemed suspended, then he have taken breathe, and from that small body, have came out one of the most incredible story we had heard.

That evening HIM had enchanted all the town to stay in peace with Rick. He had explained to the small creature, how that process would went on, till that beam of light that we were seeing in those instants around us.
“He told me: if everything will go as i expect, their renewed love will open some gates and from those gates, maybe it will not out something as the contrary”, and  immediately we everybody turned ourselves toward those creatures who were Mark, Maltese, Rose and Sally, they have shyly smiled us.

“He said also «When they  will have recharge their love, you will understand it. Those two stars will be brighter, and it it will be added another one, when they will up in the sky they will be ready.» I didn’t have understand what he wanted say till this evening. That’s why i have kept it for me. I didn’t wanted alarmed you. But each evening from his visit, i have checked the sky, and only when i have seen the third one this evening, and i have understood that it wasn’t a star, but that tiny crystal, i have comprehend that it was the time to tell you everything. From the visit of HIM, i hoped that this moment never arrive”. He have looked at us throwing all the air from his small body.

We have looked at us, and for a long instants we have looked at each other and have been you to talk, looking at intensively one by one stopping yourself on the small Sally who have got back on Mark’ arm.
“You have not to excuse yourself Rick, you have accomplished what HIM have said you to do. And here we have passed some of the most most beautiful moments of our life. Yes, we had need to recharge our passion, and we have made it, and without shame, we have passed some moments of real intimacy, and it have been so magical. 
The third star, it’s this tiny crystal and it was missing piece to complete this magic. Now, you everybody have the duty to perserve it in this dimension.” You have thrown a glance toward me while you was ending it.
I have added one only thing: “Everything this is even thank to you, you have not to do anything else of what you are doing. You have to feel what is around you and spread it. Nothing more nothing less.”

In those my latest sentences i have feel a bit of sadness. Sally have perceived it, and immediately have came to me, and she have embraced me tight. For sure we didn’t wanted leave that dimension, but it was not our choice. 
What we had to do in that world we had made it and now we had to leave it.
For a second everything have remained suspended.”


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