I arrived

Here, immediately i felt your embrace around my belly, and i thrown away all the air from the lungs.

Your arms around my belly, and our soft punch in the stomach has grown all of sudden. Our connection has arrived and everything has became all magical.

This time the soft punch in the stomach is stronger. This time i’m here and i’m write what i’m feel. 

I looking at you, and our minds are connecting faster, and everything we feeling  is taking us in Our Parallel World. 
In your shed ,here in my solitary room, where our feeling are meeting.

We are feeling each other closer than ever.
You are smiling at me, and i blush, while my heart is beating like a crazy. 

I feel your voice whispering  to my soul. I have to close the eyes, and i feel you closer. 
I tightening the belly with my arms, and i can feel your arms around of it. 
I whisper your name, and i hear you say mine. 
I close the eyes thinking to you.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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