“Now that” ∟44∟

Every glance was set on those two big hand clinged on Bench legs, it was time to move ourselves, time to warn Kitra that the time have come, and Scott without waste time have left the local  to go inside that dark alley, to say her sister that she had to start put in act his plan. 
Leaving the local, he stopped for a second to the threshold, and have looked his friend who were attempting to set free Bench from that strong hold.

Despite, the creature have been enclosed for long time inside that dark and dusty room, he was regaining strenght faster than we have could imagine, and each seconds that he was holding that scared creature, little by little, he resurfaced by the soil, and as a vampire, he was revealing his nature.
The hands, the first thing we had noticed, were alot streamlined and his nails very pointed, and they were very dangerous, we had noticed of that, when from one of the skinny legs of Bench has came out blood, and his nails sank more the skin of the leg, and in the eyes of Bench, we had see the real fear, and the blood that was come out was very copious. We had understand all that in  very few instants, when the already pale face of Bench were added the purple lips: Bench was about to faint, and despite he was skinny creature, it would be hard to hold him up.

When that creature realized that we were in difficulty,  he pulled out his face, and for the very first time we have seen him straight into his eyes, and we understood why Bench or the others didn’t have noticed before.
His skin was of the same color of that soil: a dark grey, but the thing that have impressed us much were those yellow eyes with a strange black pupil in the middle, and he was looking at us with a evilness never seen before.
He was taking new oxygen from that hole that we had created, and in a blink everything i had thought about him, has vanished immediately when i seen that his nails were penetrating once more the leg of Bench, and our friend has fainted for the pain that he was feeling.

You was in front of Bench when he have fallen, and you’ve been capable to catch him in time, but you wasn’t able to lifted him up, because the hands of the creature was still holding the legs. 
Benjamin was attempting to use each of his paws to set free the hold. Wally was only a big thing that in that critical situation couldn’t make anything, but he was look for a way to enter in that hole, and maybe discourage that creature, who seemed don’t give up.

Now, the only thing to do was to make arm wrestling with that creature and see who would have win, but above all we had to wait that Scott would have reach Kitra, and revolutioning the plan of Scott and act  as soon possible.
We had to brought the dwarf inside the local without provocate anything of dangerous, and in hurry, but even reach to a deal, even if we didn’t know what he was looking for, but now seen that resurrected creature, we had no doubts that the dwarf was looking for him. 

But we had to do something and in hurry, to set free Bench who was still fainted, between your arms, while the streamlined hands didn’t wanted stop to sank the nails into the skin of Bench, and those yellow eyes were turning without stop between me and you, while i was looking for something to replace with those bleeding legs. 
When i found a big iron stike on the soil insied the hole, suddenly i have tried to force open the hands of that creature, and help you to drag Bench away from that incredible hold.
And it was Wally to given me the final thrust, and you have been capable to drag Bench away from that hole, while that evil creature clinging himself to the iron stikes, have gasped his defeat, but he have thrown us another challenge glance, but he knew that he was so weak to do anything else, but we have asked Wally to keep an eye on him, while we have attempted to revive Bench.

Despite we had pullled Bench out from those lethal hands, the blood didn’t wanted stop to came out, and Bench’s heart was beating slowly, but only at end of all the attempt Benjamin have given us something that he had found under the counter, and it seemed made for those situation. It was a small bottle with a skull on it, but instead of the classical written poison, it was written “raise the dead”, and without ask anything, we have opened the bottle and we have passed it a couple of times below the Bench nose, and just few seconds later, Bench have opened the eyes, and only after he asked what have happened, we have smiled him, asking him to don’t move.

Looking at Wally, we held back the breathe. Benjamin was behind the counter to check those three monitors waiting for the return of Scott. 
We had done everything this in silence, cleaning the Bench wounds.”


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⇐“Right after Scott” – ∟43∟

“The pale color” – ∟45∟⇒

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