I shake more

The head, and the more i see you like this, in that room, the more i think our connection is growing always more.
Those two blue oceans make me smile inside, and i throw away the air from the lungs, and everything around us is turning toward that shed, that you have decided to forsake. 
If i close the eyes, i can perceive your embrace around my belly, and i have to hold back the breathe. 

I remain lack breath, if i think what i wrote in the latest posts and then you transfered.
If i think about it, my head is about to explode, and i don’t want think that’s another coincidence, also because with you the coincidences doesn’t exist no longer, by from long time.
And what i’m feeling in this time it’s swallowing me. If i think that has begin five years ago, i still don’t want believe, and it’s growing always faster. 

Our minds are connected in a stronger way, and this is still a inconceivable way, each time the we approaching to that time, our soft punch in the stomach become something that is tightening us always more, from our inner souls, and we can perceive only us, and for don’t go crazy we have to throw away the air from the lungs, and when we check the clock we realizing that that minute has as soon passed. 

That minute in which our souls are touch, and everything running fast, and our our heads are exploding, while your embrace is making itself always stronger. 
That vortex in which our souls are meet, and we can hear our voices that are calling our names from far. 
We think to go crazy, instead is only our connection making itself each day stronger.
I see that glance and sweetly i whisper your name, and you can hear me despite our distance.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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