“Now” §6§

That i had found in that creature a real friend, i could went down with most trust, and i could hold on me on his big arm, if i didn’t feel sure of which i was hearing around me, and to those noise inside the tower, i hadn’t get used yet, even if they were a continuous sound. 

Very soon, i placed next to him, and that big paw that was holding my hand, has became my only anchor.
While we went down, my thoughts were looking for to reach to you, hoping you could hear me

While all those noise were enter inside me, the creature was very careful to each small shadow that those grey flames were creating, and other big clashes with another laments were filling the dark walls of that it seemed an immense jail of magical creatures, and all in a sudden, i stopped, overwhelm by a terrific thought, and i looked at the creature who was close to me with wide eyes. 

We knew, that for our safety it was better to don’t say anything, but in that glance i shared with him, i’ve been capable to express all my thought, and he looked at me, and his glance from calm, has exchanged expression: in his peaceful face was drawing a dread gaze, and now his desire to run away, was bigger, and his heart was beating always stronger. 

All those jailers were prisoning all those creatures to destroy that magic that surrounding that dimension, in which we were fallen. But why? Was who wanted all this?
And while all this was running fast in our minds, those drops that fallen from those gutters were becoming little nails that slowly entering in us, ad were making bleeding our souls. 

At each stairs, now, we could listen to those laments, and we knew, that beyond those laments there was a caged magical creature. 
My big friend wanted using his head to smash all those walls, but with just a persuasive glance, i was capable to convince him to don’t make a crazy, and his grunts has made me understood that, maybe, i had right.
But now, even those laments were sounds that we haven’t would to hear, and slowly they were adding to the other noises in background, that were accompanying our slow walk.

We were about to reach another widening, and i’ve indicated it with the hand: we stopped.
I don’t how many stairs we had go through, but i had my legs transforming in two pieces of woods, and i had to rest. So me and my big friend, settled on the ground, and just in front of us we have found a small stick, and with that we have written our names on the topsoil. I wrote mine, then i gave the little branch in the paw of that big grey furry creature with small horns dressed only a pair snatched jeans that were arriving as long to the knees, held themselves up just with red suspenders.

He looked at the tiny stick in his paw, and then he made a strange draw, and he indicated himself. That draw wasn’t formating by letters, but only by doodles. Form his glance i have understood that he never have had a real name, and nobody had given him one, maybe i was the first person with whom he was relating himself, and his big glance straight into mine was talking for him.

I taken off that stick from his big paw, and sweetly i’ve caressed it.
In that instants in his eyes, i had found something of your, and without realizing, a little tear has rolled from my face, and without realizing, i was already among his big furry arms, sighing your name.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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