Your embrace

Is tightening me, and i hold back the breathe, closing the eyes. 
Your sweet voice is penetrating me, like your glance. 
Sweetly, you are pulling me toward to you, and everything vanish, and we are only us.
Your lips are leaning on my mouth, and your hands are, delicately caressing my little body. 

Our breathes are merging one with another, and our lips doesn’t want take off each other. 
Despite our distance, our bodies has become only one.
Our closeness is stronger than ever. 
I feeling your hands caressing my thighs. 
I close the eyes, and slowly, i sigh your name. 
You begin to make me feel what i desire. 

Our hearts are starting to beat strong.
Your hand is there, and everything is becoming light and soft. 
We are looking at each other, and we continue to loving us sweetly. 


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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