Do you also

Feel it? That vise in the stomach that it is tightening itself around our souls, and that one desire to stay close each other. 
Yes, i feel it too.
My fingers are shaking on  this keyboard more than ever, and i see your eyes straight inside mine, and that soft punch has become stronger.

Your words are arriving to me like caresses, and your hands around my belly are tightening me more to you.
Our magical connection is become stronger than ever. 
That one lump is chocking  our throat.
Something inside, it is saying me that in someways, you are thinking a bit to me. Few, but you are doing it. 

Our connection is making me shaking like a leaf, and everything is going crazy.
We are feeling closer than ever: our hearts are beating like two jackhammer, and they are doing at unison.
I’m shaking the head throwing away the air from the lungs, and i  know, i’m sure you are doing the same.
We are so close, despite our distance.
We are living the same dream from five years.

We feel it become stronger than ever in these hours, and it wrapping, and it is bonding us ardently.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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