“What you” – tale *17*

Had as soon heard it had upheaveled you: you had attended at my very first transformation, but that you didn’t knew, that i was the queen of  the FairyWitches.
I was still in front of you, still floating, and uncapable to speak, but in my firm glance, you could catch, even the smallest shade, and in those instants, there was much.
How could i be a queen without, not even me, know to be a magical creature?

In those glacial eyes, you could see all my doubts, while i was moving the arms in a slow dance, and even in my floating form, even being a Queen, now, in those seconds, i was looking for the anchor of which i didn’t think had need, and that anchor i had it in front who was stared at me straight in the eyes.
In that exact moment, my greatest desire was to get back in my human form, and run away from that bench, where million of strange creatures were looking at toward our part.

Slowly and delicately you was whispering me to hold back the breathe, for then throw it away: it had always worked, why don’t try even with my FairyWitch form: for the first time you have belived to have done it alone, but inside the FairyWitch i have done it with you: you could only see me smiling sweetly, and as much soft, my tight of hand, has become a bit more strong, and you have noticed it, and in a sigh you have said my name.

Inside the Fairy Witch, i was get back to take the control of my emotions, and slowly i was realizing that something was changing inside me, and little by little, that floating sensation was changing: i still didn’t know how distinguish the changing from the FairyWitch in human, but something it was saying me that in few time, i would get back as you knew better.

Both your hands were came touched each time that the slow dance of mine softly touch your skin, and you was attend to this slow changing, and you was realize that i was transforming myself again in human, from my touch that slowly was becoming stronger, and the sweet gold face of the FairyWitch was leave the place at the human features, and just after few minutes, our glances met again, and sweetly, you have tightened my hips among your hands, and i have could lean the hand on your chest, and i wided eyes, because your heart seemed could splashed out from your chest in at any time.

I looked at you straight in the eyes, and i caressed you face sighing: “I’m here”, and just when i softly caressed your face, with a finger i reached your small neo, and your lips caressed mine, and i repeated that sentence, and then you have kissed me sweetly without nothing else to what i had as soon whispered.

But then, you have sighed: “Let’s get back home”, and with all the delicateness you have had, you have taken me among your arms, and while, we were about to cross the sidewalk, when we have heard: “Wait!”
You turned round, and immediately after a question: “Where do you take her to?”
“She is tired, she have to rest” you have replied.
The creature had understandand it has left us go.

It was a FairyWitch.”


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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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