“Without realizing”- tale *16*

We had transformed the neighborhoodin somethijng that we both, had always wished.

You was looking all those creatures wandering, and with a low voice,  you have started to tell something that it seemed a story that was came from very far while tou was looking at a creature in particular walking in hurry, for then disappear in the dark.

“It from i remember, my grandma has wanted pulled me out all my fantasy in my head, and now, one creature i have created, it’s just passed  in front of us”, and with the glance, slowly you have followed that big harmless creature, ad delicately you have tightened my hand stronger.
Reality, and fantasy were merging one in another.

I was listening to you distractly, but your tone voice, so deep, and calming, was a safe rescue, for me, and my thoughts, and your hand was a solid anchor in that moment. 

A couple of FairyWitches were passed next to our bench, and one of them had stared me, as if, in her deep self, knew who i was really, and witthout realizing, i was realising some of my magic light around us that has attracted much curiosity among the passers-by, who were starting to looking at me with much curiosity.

I knew, that i was issuing the FairyWitch light, and i couldn’t held it back: everything around was such beautiful, that you have could not do nothing to stop what i was feeling.
And in those instants, my heart was about explode, and slowly i was transforming me in the FairyWitch: my human form was slowly disappearing under your eyes, and you have called my name several times, as long you have feel not longer the hand that you was tightening, and my body has disappeared, and what you was holding has become a thin gold dust.

Delicatly, i was taking the flight in front of you, and like the very first time, you remained breathless, as much beauty you was looking at: i was in front of you, surrounded by that gold aura, and that pale turquoise light, and i was starting to move my arms, making dance that white soft white, almost transparent veil.
You knew, in my FairyWitch form i couldn’t speak, but without thinking much, you have asked: “Is it everything ok?”

 I approached to you, and in my floating, i sweetly smiled, and i taken your hand, you held back the breathe, and you got up in front of me, while i was floating.
I was sorrounded by million of emotions, and with you in front, i was feel in safe, even if i knew, that i wasn’t me the more weak in that circumstance.

Taken from you, i didn’t have realized that, almost whole neighborhood was stopped to admire my trasnformation, and what it was murmuring, was something that we both, didn’t wanted believe, especially you who was in front of me, while you was looking at me, and i was smile to you.

Little by little, the other FairyWitches were approached, but they has kept the distance, but seemed enchanted from my transformation, but one of them, has could confirm one thing, that has left you breathless.
You was looking at straight into the eyes of their Queen.”


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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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