“In your arms” tale *18*

I have heard that feeble female voice, i wanted replied her, but i was so tired that not even, a thread a voice it would came out from my mouth.
But i had seen her: she was very beautiful, and she was able to speak: million of thoughts were turning in my head, and after a last glance toward you, i have lean my tired face on your chest, forsakening me, and all in a stroke, i closed the eyes.

I fallen asleep, just when you entered in that dark alley, bad lit just by the only street lamp to the begin, but without realizing, i have issued some of the FairyWitch light, and your walk has been safe and secure, and just when my light has surrounded your silhouette, you have looked at me, sighing my name. 

That pale turquoise light was slowly vanished, just when you have open the door of the apartment, where inside of couple of lights were always turned on in the crucial points. 
You went toward the sofa, and there you have laid me.

I had, still a bit of my golden dust on my body, above all on my face, and you wanted clean me, but as soon, you got back from the kitchen, with a soft cloth, you was about to touch my skin, you stopped immediately, and you are remained to stared at me sleeping.

That thin golden dust was being part of me, and little by little, it would be gone away alone. 
You have left fall the white cloth on the little table, and while you bent down toward me, you have whispered: “Come, let’s go up”, and i have hold on myself  on your neck, and like in the street, i have leaned my head on your chest. 

We went up in a total silence. I could hear your heart, and was beating hard, and sweetly i caressed your chest. 
During those few steps, to reach the bedroom, has bloomed my awareness of who really i was, and of everything what we had seen: a world transformed which we had always dreamt: bald creatures with a long shirt with big eyes with their hands agited in air, without a reason, small fairywitches, who with maximum vocal effort, got information about their Queen, and the human bullies were transformated in likewise monsters

After you have laid me on bed, i have opened the eyes, and our glances met, right after, i stretched my hand toward your, and  you have taken it settling by my side.
“How do you feel?” you asked.
“Confused, a bit disoriented…” i have smiled, and you smiled me back: “I think it’s normal: even for me, has been a shock”.

In that glance there was still that question, of which you didn’t wanted accept the answer, but caressing your face, you was left go, and in almost perceptible my head nod, you was gave up.
From now on, that would been our reality.”


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