“When the two”- ♦32♦

Detectives has left us, we found us alone at the table where has begin all this great adventure, and it was like we were get back in time, and everything around us, it was something surreal.
In front of me there was the same little hole in the table, and more i rembembered each particulars of that night in which you have helped me to get up, more i understood why the two detectives were sit at our table, and you nodded. 
You have read my mind, as if it was an open book, and: “Yes, like Joe, they has taken this table, our table,  for to be the other persons able to take under control the situation, if this could be more dangerous than usual.” 
You looked at me, while i was looking at me around, looking at every those creatures who had take again the normal chatting among them.
Before to leave the pub, the two detectives got back to us, just to inform us that they were going at the police station to inform the ″Chief ” that have met us. 
Just few seconds after we have realized that, not everybody knew the chief of the police was Joe, but they were conviced that, instead, it was that big creature with the squared red face, so we nodded to the strange tone of voice of the detective with the green necktie.
Maybe, to the eyes of that moltitude of creatures, mostly big creatures, it was better to make them think that their safety was in a couple hands like their, instead in a couple of paws of a crazy dachshund who running everywhere.
We looked at the greenish black dressed detectives come out from the pub, and in our glances we kept that secret for us.
“You will see that they will find Giant Wolf”, you said that looking at me straight inside the eyes.
I threw away the air from the lungs, smiling you a bit thoughtful, but sweetly you have taken the hand, and i dived myself inside your eyes, and for magic, everything got back like that night you sat in front of  me to that table for the first time.
There were just us, and that flows of emotions were running among our minds, and it was enough just a glance to make us take the flight. A flight that, in someway, we were still accomplishing, and that thought have crossed us with our eletric shocks our minds, and a chill has crossed along the back. We had thought to have seen also Philip and Barb behind the counter, as much we were dived in our memories, and the emotions has strengthening the magical shield in the pub.
But all in a sudden, a voice behind the wooden curtain made us jolt. 
It seemed that i came from the afterlife. me, i could see behind you, just a skinny floating shadow.
“I have some informations about your friend… i can say you where you can find him”
Hearing to those words our blood freezed, and you stared at me with wide eye open, hinting a slight no. 
When i looked at beyond your shoulder, behind the wooden curtain that skinny floating shadow there was not longer, but on the floor next our table, it was laying itself on the floor a playcard, and it seemed a business card. 
You have taken it and have laid it on the table in the middle of us. 
There was only drawn a white heart of spades with a black skull.
We stared it for a second, then, even you spinned yourself, but, by now, he was gone.”



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