You arrived behind me, and sweetly your arms embraced me. 
I can hear your words and they are of encouragement. I need feel your closiness that’s enough, and in these hours i can feel it, trought our soft eletric shocks and this makes me goes foward, and in a sigh i say once again thank you. 
In your deep, you know the reason. 
In these five years you was the only person who unconsciously gave me all the strenght i had need, and what i feeling is your arms surrounding my belly, and your whispers and slowly you spinning me.
When our glances meet, our hearts exploding at the same instants, despite an emisphere divided us. 
The soft punch in the stomach is chocking me, and in someway, i know, even you feel it inside you.
That shirt you had on in you last post on instagram… maybe i’m crazy, maybe not, but it was small signal for me.
Our little eletric shocks were much present tonight.
I’m throwing away air from the lungs, and i’m thinking to you.
Looking at this pic, i can just dive myself in your sweet glance, and you are taking me in Our Parallel World.
Tell me, that you are feeling the same.



Listen to it⇓⇓

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