Here you are

And i feel your soft embrace around my belly, as if you want don’t let me go. I tight your arms, and in a sigh i say:”I will remain with you always”, despite all damned distance, but till our eletric shocks will crossing our minds, the distance it will be not a problem.
You are embracing me sweetly from behind, with your voice that i love so much, you are speaking to my soul, and i can feel it.
Our soft punch in the stomach is making us feel closer. 
I feel your arms, tightening me strong against your chest, and slowly you spinning me.
Our eyes meet, and sweetly you look at me, and what you trasmit trought your wonderful smile, make me shake inside. 
Our connection is here, now.
Everything is become lighter. 
I’m biting my lips, just because you are looking at me like this, and i know, i must wait for few seconds. 
You are approaching yourself to me, and your glance has become languid
Our lips are softly touching, and your are taking me to Our Parallel World, and it’s there i want stay… with you.



Listen  to it ⇓⇓

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