“I was

Cattura04nome.PNGIn front of him without breathe and my heart was about going literally going crazy if he wouldn’t have say something. With his furry paws, he took me and he helped me to sit down. With his hoarse voice he started to speak me.
When he begun, my heart slowly got calmed. ‘I didnt expected that it would be had broken almost immediately.’  With eye wide open i was about to ask ‘Did you knew that it would be broken?’
He replied me immediately after, without wait for this my question and he said me ‘Yes, i knew it would be broken’. He knew even my next question, but he left me make it.
‘The symbols… were disappeared…. how is it possible? Were graven on the little stick. They couldnt disappeared’ – ‘In fact they werent disappeared’ he said. I was looking at him always more confused and occassionally i was looking the interior of the appartment, looking for to hear if you was awake. Silence.
I was back to look at him.
Fenkuz was telling me everything with much calm. My heart didnt know what to do and even me too. The only thing i could have do was take several deep breathes and wait for the end of what Fenkuz had to say me.
In meanwhile the other furry and magic friends were wandering around. The only interested who slowly went next to me, was Pyr. I started to caress him. His soft fur calmed me.
‘When the little stick broken has issued its light around you. Very slowly, Algiz and
Thurizaz were dissolved themselves in this pale light. Now they are inside of you.’
I felt myself lost. Now i really wanted you was here next close to me. My heart was going crazy and now i left it go. I didnt believe to hold up others words from Fenkuz without you, and he has understand the moment.
Without add other words, he would have wait for you for continue.
My heart was going crazy. In few minutes you would have feel it, and it was been so.
You came down calling my name and when our glance meet, my heart slowly got calm.
‘You’ve got right…’ i just sighed, looking for your arms, as a warm blanket.
In few words, as much as i could, i have summarized what Fenkuz told me.
We looked at eachother more surprised as much as i was  earlier.
Fenkuz was still stare at us, as if he had still something say.
Embraced, now our hearts were beating strong at unison.
Sweetly we looked at eachother and without realizing, we were holding our hands.
We knew that we were holding our hands, only from the soft skin that were touching.”


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“You was looking at ⇒

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