“Slowly the sun

lukesolevividaWas risening up in the sky, while i was wakening. I looked the daylight was illuminating the bedroom trought the white curtains that were caressing your body. You was still sleeping and i didnt wanted wake you up. Your breathe enchated me and for a bit and i felt wrapped by it.
I was settled myself on the backrest of the bed and i was looking around. The only things i could hear were our breathe at unison. I was still half asleep. I was feeling something strange but i didnt still understand what it was. But i didnt care. I looked at you and this was only thing that was important for me. Careful to dont make any noise i went down and i went to the sofa. The little stick was still broken and it was still, there where we had left it. On the little table. I have took the two pieces again in my hands. I have studied one piece, then the other. The little stick was broken in two differents parts. One bigger and the other smaller. I rembembered well the two symbols. But now they were disappeared. There werent anymore. I’ve turned them like a sock, as much it was possible, but Thurizaz and Algiz there werent no more. I sighed ‘How is it possible?’ They were there, graven on  the little stick of wood. Were there…
I didnt wanted wake up you, but my heart was about to going crazy and slowly it was beating always more hard, and i knew that, in a way or in other, i would have wake up you.
I looked at myself around with wide eye open. Quickly, i have placed the parts of the little stick on the little table and i have took a deep and the longest breathe. I had to calm me. I had to reflect.
I wanted call you, but you had to rest. After all, you had acquired the magic powers that you were missing, in one only time. But if i was still remaned in the appartment without speaking with nobody, i would be explode at any time.
I went in front of the grey door and i holded back the breathe and when i have opened it, i have throwed out the air from the lungs.
Who i would have find in front of me, would have explain me everything with clarity.
He said me only ‘The little stick broke, isnt?’
I nodded.


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