When i felt


Your sweetly embrace wrapped me this morning, when i was still sleeping and the vise in my stomach it’s lasting even now, it means our connection is strong and all signals are arriving from Our Parallel World.
Your embrace is still so sweet and i can feel your arms wrapping me, as if you dont want let me go away. I can hear your sweet whispers. They are scrambling me inside.
If i stop to think i cant hold back the emotions and my fingers are shaking on this keyboard.
When you came next to me, i felt your arms sweetly embraced me. Delicately i have opened the eyes. I knew i wouldnt have found you, but our hearts were beating at unison and from that signal, i knew we were close. I felt your eyes on me and i have holded your arms on my belly. I heard your breathe and i’m listening to it still now.
Despite our real distance in these moment, we can feel eachother so close.
Too much. I close the eyes and you’re here, touching me and whispering my name.


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