“You was looking at” – ○334○


Me without breathe, and we had to listen the other things that Fenkuz had to say us yet.

But without let Fenkuz had started again to talk, you have said, almost sigh: “…that kiss.”

Fenkuz hadn’t say nothing, he just nodded.
Almost sighing, for fear to broke that istant, he said: “In that kiss that you given, they entered in you: now they make part of you: from now on, you will be protect from two symbols more powerful existing in whole universe.”

Our hearts were going crazy, and only in that instant, thought my glance, you have understood why I have called you with my heart gone mad.

The words of Fenkuz were so powerful, even if it was just a explication, and you was embracing me always tighter, and I held yours arms on my belly.

Pyr was still next to me, while from far we could have listen the Morgur village awakening with the shrill voice of the Little One who was escaping from the orders of the Big One.
We smiled for a second. That smile was, even, a way to don’t think seriously on what Fenkuz just have said us: instead it was which that we had to do.
“Slowly, you will learn to manage them…. I mean Algiz and Thurizaz.” Fenkuz said adding, even: “Algiz is a symbol pure protection, Thurizaz protect you in case you are in front of some kind obstacle.”
We both nodded, we knew it.
“But only when you will face up to some difficulties, you will know which symbol is in you..”

For Fenkuz, this last part, was the most harder to say, and for us to swallow.
He knew that the power of that symbols were entered us, but he didn’t know who had got the power of Algiz or Thurizaz.

We looked at each other, as lost. I held tighter the arms that were wrapping me. I have closed the eyes, and I held back the breathe, and I threw away the air from the lungs.
Our heads were starting to spin: after the explication we have looking for to act normally, but it wasn’t possible.

Even Pyr could feel our disorientation, and Fenkuz had to say us another important things.
I was looking at the Markùts whom were a little distant, but they were attending the Fenkuz’s speech very carefully, and they were waiting for this last part.

“There’s last thing: it’s about the gap.”
We held back the breathe as long Fenkuz hasn’t spoken: for a second we looked at eachother.
Your chest was against my back, your legs made me as armrest, in those seconds, I felt more protect than usually.
A moment in suspension then Fenkuz spoken.”


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“After a moment” – ○335○ ⇒

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