“What which

sunde10_fprteWe had seen in the Burn Valley has been a thud in heart. Which we had made reborn  has been burn by the few followers of the Nothing who were been able to enter in our world, and the peak of the mountain that towered the valley was become all brownish and little by little the valley was burning again.
We had take a long a deep breathe and we came out from that bell that till now it had protected us, but the effect of our crystals were still arounds us and a thin purple twirl was our shield. Our hearts beating so hard and our breathe got faster and faster. Our minds got connect one another.
We went down in the valley hand in hand, but without say nothing we were divided us, and it seemed we knew what to do. Me, from a side and you at the opposite side.
Our hearts had began to beat at unison and in the valley resounded only that.
For which we have could did we didnt take of our eyes one from another while slowly we had walking at the opposite of the other. In the middle of the valley, we could have seen a big whirl of  soft lights that crossing themselves going up to the sky,  doing running away those few followers of the Nothing. We didnt see anything of which we had did. We still were looking at us one in another, while slowly were approached ourselves to the other, in the centre of the Burn Valley. When we have could hold us the hands, we holded them tight, and without take off the glance one from another, we have could feel a new energy expand itself around us, and a soft twirl of colors was arouding in the valley, sweeping away the threathening cloud.
It seemed we were fallen in a further magic atmosphere. We us, only in the middle of the valley, and our glances. We didnt have move, till that great sensation faded. Our hearts  were still  pulsing hard and at unison. Our minds were connect more than ever.
You approached yourself to me always more, till to take my hips. Our bodies were softly touching. Our faces touched and slowly you have caressed my face whispering my name. I’ve closed the eyes and in that exact istant i felt your lips  were leans on mine. For a moment we disappeared in to our emotions.”


⇐“ We given ourselves a look

“While we were ⇒

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