“We given ourselves a look” – ○277○


And without thinking about it above, we had decide to go in the Burn Valley to see what we could did.

We had left the shack with all its memories, thoughts, and slowly, we have taken the street.
We did it in silence, just with a lump in throat.
We crossed the lake, the Morgur village where we had met The Little One, and we had explain him everything, and we asked to The Big One that, perhaps we had need of them, but for now, they had to stay in their village: only Kapi, and Fenkuz, would been to come with us.
The others would been at the guard of this part of our world.

Kapi would have flew over the Burn Valley, and he would have indicate us the exact point of the gap.
When we were arrived close to the Opal a strange thing has happened: the gate of the Opal opened itself, and the crystals we had on, seemed shine more, and slowly we were entering in that bell in which we were entered few days ago.
We seemed protected by our own crystals, and by all our own emotions, feelings that the Opal had collected as long til that moment.

In those instants our hearts were beating hard, and we thinking going crazy. We tightened us our hands, while we crossed the thin and long walkway that skirted the Opal.
In those instants that walkway seemed had no end.
Kapi was flying forward and back, above us: he did that journey more or less 20 times, and his shrill sounds were, as if he wanted say us: “Do you hear them?”

For Fenkuz, was the first time in the Burn Valley, and he looked himself at around a little scared. We had thought that we would have need of his crystals, and only Fenkuz could manage them.

That long walk ended, and in front of us the Burn Valley.
We have closed the eyes and we had took a deep breathe.

In the sky Kapi was flying issuing his shrill sounds.”



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