If you

luke000044forteLook at me in this way, you make me fall all the inihibitions and i could even going crazy.
Even what i saw it make me going crazy and maybe you know what i’m talking about….
It’s from yesterday that i feel your closeness. You close to me, your whispers, your voice that talks only to me and it make me feel so strange. My vise in the stomach isĀ  strong and i know it’s our connection, our parallel world that it’s opening in front of us.
I know it can seems a strange thing, but it’s so. And today what which i saw it’s telling me that what i’ve felt from yesteday, it was something that it must happens and it’s happened.
My vise get bigger and bigger. I taking a deep breathe and i feel you here close to me.
With your eyes you are able to take me far, but even close…. even only into our souls.
Our connection is here and it’s making beat our hearts so hard…. despite our real distance.


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