“While we were” – ○279○


In the middle of the Burn Valley, eyes in the eyes, we slowly approached, as long til i’ve putted my hand on your chest, and slowly I’ve slide it inside your shirt, and I could hear your heart that was beating fast: I could felt your flow enter in me, as a sweet penetration.

We were enchanted by what which we were seeing: not only the background around, but even for the astonishment of who we had in front.
We remained so for long time: that magic atmosphere didn’t wanted go away and we were trapped inside it.

The followers of the Nothing were been kicked out from our world, and we were still there: the big twirl was still circulating protecting us, and the Burn Valley.

Fenkuz with careful went down , where we were settled, and slowly has started wander in the valley.
We were awakening ourselves from what we were feeling, when we had seen Fenkuz managing his crystals.

We had to still came out from that atmosphere in which we were wrapped. You have accompanied me to seat on a rock, and you has kneeled close to me tightening my hand.

Fenkuz was placing some crystals on the border of the Burn Valley, above all close the big mountain.
Kapi was flying above us, then slowly, he settled close to you: he was issuing his shrill sounds, he wanted explain us what Fenkuz was doing.
We had understood that the Fenkuz’s crystals was capturing all our magic energy of when we were in the middle of valley alone, accomplishing our little magic.

In their own way the crystals of Fenkuz were building another shield.
The crystals were capturing our magic, and they would have protected the Burn Valley if The Nothing followers would have attempted to enter in, once again.

When Fenkuz has placed the last crystal in the middle of the valley, right where we were, each flower, plant, tree was reborn, with the mountain that was blooming, again.

When Fenkuz was back to us, we remained in silence to observe what our love has been able to do.

We have tightened the hands more, without realizing.”


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