longluke10forteAlone with my feelings, and softly i whispering your name, and slowly our minds get connecting  one another. I stare your eyes and you are doing the same, from far.
You’re looking my soul. My vise in the stomach is growing.
Only with your glance, you’re talking to me and i feel your sweet words.
I can feel the magic around us.
Slowly you’re approaching yourself to me and softly you’re embrace me. I remain so, wrapped in your arms, and sweetly you’re saying to open my eyes.  And in front of us, it open itself Our Parallel World and our emotions expand. Inside of it we can see a moltitude of colors and we looking at us one another, and we understand how we are so close despite our distance…
Your eyes are telling how feeling you have inside.
I only whisper you three words…


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