“His little

last010008_contrario_forte-1Face was looking at me as if  he was asking the permission to touch my ring. He was so sweet. And you attended to this soft and slow approach. I was settled on the meadow with my legs lay under my white and light dress.
In that moment there was a different of silence that usually there was around. It seemed came from that little animal that suddenly entered again in the lair. We were looking at us one another for a moment. The little animal was doing something with the crystals. We have could see some lights inside of that lair. But after he came out again with all his crystals in his little paws and he settled the crystals infront of us.  We didnt have say nothing, but we were looking at what he was doing. Without realizing i have hold your hand tight, while this creature has jumped on me, as if he wanted be assured by us. He was staring the crystals, while with his little and soft paw keeping my left hand. He seemed that he was waiting for this moment for even earlier the nothing sucked him and it had close in that lair.
We could felt our hearts beating hard. We had know that we were about to attend something of incredible.
Slowly, another sun ray has illiuminated my amethyst and  the little animal seemed excited, we were too. We didnt know what it would be happen, but something, for sure, it was about to happen in few seconds. The amethyst of my ring, proprogated the lights to the other crystals, and we have seen open itself, in front of us another big  part of Our Parallel World, with other pathway and landscape to explore.
I’ve holded tight your hand, while you getting yourself up.  I left you go, you only wanted see it better. While the little animal was still on my legs and he looking at me.
‘It’s wonderful’ you have said, placing yourself again next to me, caressing my face.
We looked at the furry grey and white animal. I caressed him and while i was looking at you and for the very first time the little animal has spoken. ‘ I thank you for have defeat the nothing. I was opening this part of your world when it sucked me inside of that dark lair.’
After a moment of that strange silence was still arounded us, but right after it disappeared. Then. ‘I’m being part of the Fenkuz…. but i think i was remain the only one… you can only call me Fenkuz’. We smiled to Fenkuz and shyly you have presented us ‘Fenkuz, i’m Luke and this beautiful girl is my little princess, Daria.’ I have holded tight your hand sweetly.
Even if we had the suspect that Fenkuz did know already, our names, he didnt say nothing but he has only nodded.”


⇐“In front

“Fenkuz ⇒

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