“In front

lukecatturaforteTo that little lair, we holded tight our hands. Around us the air was light and the sky was clear, but while we looked at us one in another we had only thought how’s been hard for that little creature to live all this time in that dark lair.
We could have feel his little laments, but we couldnt make anything. We could only stay there and talk to him, also if we didnt know if he was able to understand what we were say him.
Our voices were sweet. I’ve started to tell him an invented story, but then you with smartness, you have continued my story with the real one. You have started to tell him, how we did met. I remained speechless for how you’ve putted all the passion in your words.
You have told a fantastic magic story. You have done it always with your sweet deep voice.
Sometimes we could hear little sounds from the little animal. And now, there were no laments, but on the contrary, they were sounds more calm.
I remained enchanted and i’ve looked at you and my heart was beating hard.
You didnt have realized of which magic  you’ve created.
The atmosphere around us and around the lair became always more surreal.
The power of those words that you was saying, slowly were doing making approaching the little grey and white animal to the exit of the lair.
His glance was still scared, but he was learning to dont have fear of us.
I’ve took your hand and in that exact moment a sun ray has illuminated the amethyst of my ring that you have given me the morning after our very first meeting. And in that moment the little face peeped out from the lair and slowly, very slowly he closed the eyes. It was the first time, from long time that he didnt see the sun light, but he went out to see the amethyst that i was making bright it. His little paws touched softly my hand, but always with a little bit of fear. It seemed he had found something of precious.”


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