“You was still” – ○185○


Embracing me sweetly.
The sky was the most beautiful thing we were staring: it was made by our emotions that we were feeling, and it was the first time that we were seeing our emotions like this.
They seemed were dancing around us, and each time we been, softly touched by them, we felt another emotions that it was being born, and slowly it merging with the other ones.
We were overwhelm by emotions that were creating other.

We were feeling a heat inside us that has stunned us: we were still speechless.

The Markùts were under a tree, but they didn’t take their great eyes from us off: they resting themselves, while, we were walking a little a bit, always there around.

At certain point we settled on the meadow at the shadow of a tree. We rested ourselves.
Sweetly you have putted your arms around me, as if you wanted protected me, but there was no any danger, but was your own way to embrace me, and I liked it much.
Since our first meeting, from my fall, you was been so protective towards me.
Also in Our Parallel World you was so sweet.

All in a sudden, whispering, you made me a question: “Why this time the Markùts are calms, seems they are sleeping?”
We were looking at them: that’s true, they were calms, and their little faces were smiling at us.

While I was staring them, I was reasoning, and all in a sudden I said: “You wasn’t still magic: for you, staying here, as a human being was very dangerous, I think. They pushed us out from Our Parallel World, because you had not totally transformed yourself yet.”‘
And saying this, a sense of guilty, had pervaded me. It was been just for my curiosity that we had overcome that borderline, and just in those instants I have realized that I could lose you.

My heart stopped, and a little tears fallen from my face.
You have took my face with both hands, and you have said me: “You will never lose me, it didn’t happened and never it will happen, by now, it will couldn’t ever happen, no more.”

I was starting again to breathe: in those shortest time something was choking me.
That horrible thought, for a little, had obscured everything, but your sweet voice had made enter in me again everything we had shared till now.”



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