last10forteYou have said this, you have approached yourself to me and sweetly you embraced me.
We remained embrace one another, i dont know, how long, but was been an embrace full of emotions. I could felt your heart was beating hard, and your arms were wrapping me tight, but soflty.
In someways we wanted  that this moment had no ever end. We were looked at us deeply, without add  nothing else. Our emotions were filling that moment by the greatest thing we were feeling.
We remained so for long time, while around was happening something of magical.
We awakening ourselves from this surreal atmosphere, by the Markùts, and we remained to see what they were doing around us.
They were capturing each little fades of our emotions of that  moment.
How did we knew that the Markùts were capturing our emotions?  We were wrapped by our lights, and those were our emotions. A moltitude of colors. From blue, at green, from grey at yellow, from pink at the purple, from the opal at orange, and with their little paws they were able to catch them.
We remained embraced seeing them playing with our emotions., creating another piece of  Our Parallel World.
Ocasionally we looking at us one another, and you, was caressing my face.
At the end of their games, the Markùts came next to us and, as if they wanted  to make us see something, they made us understand that we had to see the sky. We lifted the glances. What which we had see was been the most beautiful sky we ever seen in our whole life.
For all this time we werent left us.
We remained embraced tight one another.
While our hearts had  believed to drive crazy.”


⇐“We were

“You was still ⇒


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