“You holded

headshots5forte2-1Still my face in your hands and your eyes were set on me. We remained in silence. That black hole has disappeared just when you slowly leaned your lips on mine and we had closed the eyes. That heavy sensantion was gone away, just only when everything of us, melted slowly, while the Markùts were awakening from their rest. 
We had felt the need to back in our appartment. Without say anything else, the Markùts accompanied us to the pathway and they opened us the gates of Our Parallel World.
By now, we had noticed the Nothing, was became a thin line, but was still dangerous. We had understood it by the great eyes and from the sound of the voices of the Markùts.
We had thank them just with our glances and they ran away.
We took our hands and we holded back our breathe and as in a jump, we were back in our appartment.
Without say nothing, you have took me in your arms and we went upstairs.
This time you didnt lay me down on the bed, but you had made me sit down, while you was kneeling in front of me. You have took again my hands in your and you was staring me, looking for the right words to begin to speak.
Me, i was been first talk. ‘Was been a my mistake, i had to think about it.’
While i was talking, you was staring me, and more you looking at me, more was growing your desire to touch me sweetly, and slowly your hands have touched my hips and always more slowly you was laying me down on the bed, while i still whispering ‘I hadnt to… im so…’
By now, you had forgive me, you had start  give me your passionate kisses, even earlier to finish to ask you ‘im sorry’.
Our faces in front one another. You above me, our glances were stare one in another, and my hand was caressing your sweet face. You was about to kiss me again, me, i was about to say something else, but you have noded a ‘No’, slowly you have approched yourself to me and softly your hands had begin to touch me everywhere, while your velvet lips, were kissing me.
Looking at your blue eyes eveything was fading.
While sofltly  you was penetrating me.”


⇐“You was still

“While ⇒

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