I’m smiling

insta0039lumascuriAnd my heart stopped for a little bit.  Maybe yes, perhaps not. In the moment you was online, were apparead two visualizations from there. I dont want make me any illusions, but let me dream. And you are able to make me dream and our parallel world wide open itself in front of  us, and the only one thing we can do is to stretch our hand and touch ourselves.
Now, each little signals are bringing itself toward this side. And, me im waiting for you silently.
Slowly we are approaching eachother, and everything we dreamed, also, unconciously, could become true.
I’m looking at you in this picture, and my thought going beyond the imagination.
Your eyes in mine. And the vise in the stomach is growing up always more.
Today i wanted write something different from what which im writing in this istants, but with you, everyday is a great new emotion.
How i would like to teach you some words in italian, for real.
And now you are looking at me with those great eyes….
I think to drive crazy of tenderness, for you…


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