“So” – ○182○


“That’s how you feel when you become magical”.
That’s been your phrase when your heart was calmed itself, and I could felt it getting slow.
You was looking at me, and now everything surrounded us, seemed more than an apartment a hiding place for our magic.

I was looking at you a little worried: for an adult human being, to become, all in a stroke magic, well, wasn’t an easy experience to overcome, but more I was seeing your eyes set on me, more I was understanding that everything was going good.

Our connection was developing itself fast, and with no any effort.
I was looking at you without saying nothing, I was only feeling your changing inside you.

Maybe it was an illusion, but more the time passed by, more you was become more handsome than ever.
I was capable to see your soul that was illuminating you from inside and sometimes, I could see, also the sparkle that I have loved from the first time I’ve seen it trough your eyes, that day on the sofa.

Then our glances met each other, and you have approached yourself to me, and you have whispered: “I never thought my grandma had right. I met you who have gave me your magic.”
“I never figured to be able to do that” I’ve replied, caressing you face, assuring me you was ok.

“All that these she said me about the magic, interested me much since I was a child, and now I’m being part of it.”

We had to, understand only which powers you had taken from this little ritual we had done little earlier, but seemed you was more interested to get you closer to me for touch my face, and approaching always more to me, our faces has touched. your hands has taking my face and slowly our eyes has closed, and I felt your lips leaned on mine, and they has sweetly starting to kiss me.
While around us was unleashing itself the real magic.

We could felt it: it was the most beautiful emotion, and intense never felt before.

When we have opened the eyes, we have thought see something, but there was nothing… .

The magic was inside us.”


⇐“Slowly,” – ○181○

“We were” – ○183○ ⇒

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