last010008_contrario_forteAlways with my hand on your chest, i’ve asked you ‘How do you feel?’. You have looked at me, as if i knew it, but i didnt know. I was staring at you, waiting for your reply. 
After a little bit, you have realized that i didnt know it for real, and you have replied me, slowly ‘How do i feel?…. as if a vampire had sucked all my blood and he gave me a new lymph. I feel dazed.’
While you said this, you was staring at me, as if you looking for, in someways, a foothold.
‘Please continue. Pull out everything’ i whispered, looking at your wonderful eyes.
‘My head is exploding, inside of me i can feel our both hearts beating…’ While i was listening to you, softly i touched your hand, and you looked at me with wide eye open. ‘I can feel still the flow runs inside of me’.
‘This is my magic that is bonding with your’ How did i know it, i had no idea, but it was so.
We were remained as suspended in this flolating atmosphere, for a little bit.
You was still confused but you wanted do something.
I was looking at you. I could felt your heart and was beating hard.
You have tried to stand up, but right after, you fallen back on the sofa and you have closed your eyes for a second. ‘My head….is turning like a spinning top’.
Yes, was normal for you. From the past also, you was a normal human being like anybody else, and to become magic, aint been
Slowly i went in the kitchen to take you a little bottle of mineral water. Im back.
You have looked at me sweetly and you have took the little bottle from which you have drunk some sips.”


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“So ⇒

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