You are

smiles_forte3Smiling to me and im happy. Slowly your are approaching  sweetly. I can feel your arms holding my hips from behind and you’re turning me. Our eyes meet themselves and our hearts start to beating hard…
I stare at you and i whisper ‘I belong to you and at nobody else’, even if no needed to say it, you knew it already.
Our souls are bonded in a such strong way and just we know how we feel us close one another, also if we are far.
You are here, and i slowly i can stretch my hand to touch you and you are taking me inside our paraller world with all the magic that it can give off.
I can feel you despite our real distance, you’re embracing me. And i can feel your sweet whispers.
I must throw out the air from my polmones to realize  that you’re close to me in these moments.


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