“We were

last75forteLooking at us one another, without speaking. We were dived in our glances that we didnt have realized that something was happening in our appartament. Toward the big window, Our Parallel World was open and it welcoming us.
Was been like the very first time we had crossed  the window and we had  walked that pathway.
A big ray of light entered in the appartment. Was, as if our parallel world calling us aloud.
We looked at us one another. You have took my hand and together we had go trought that pathway. Our breath was short, but not because we were overcoming The Nothing. Was another reason. We were feeling it in our throat.
We had overcome The Nothing without  any effort. We were entered in our world, always from the same path and this time at our entrance, there were the Markùt and from their behavior, we had understood that they were happy to see us, more than the first time. Their little voices were more sweet and calm.
We had took a deep breathe and we had seen we were in the big meadow. We had understood that was the last place that in our past lives we had meeting, therefore was the borderline of our world.
This time we had decided to explore more.
Hand in hand we walked looking at around us. The Markùt accompanied us in our walk. Seemed, they understood  what we said, when sometimes we stopped us to see something we’ve never seen before.
We stopped us in front of a lake.
What which we had see inside of that water’s mirror, had left us without the breathe.
We were watching to the exact moment in which our glances met for the very first time in the bar. Our hearts had a thud. We looked at us rapidly, as if we hadnt  understand what were looking at. The Markùt were always there with us.  They were watching our expressions and they could perceive every little emotions that we felt.
You was looking at that scene, in that water’s mirror and suddenly you have said ‘In that exact moment i felt my life would be changed…’ then you have looked at me.
My heart exploded.”



“After ⇒

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