“We were

trbnl_forte_nLooking at us almost understanding, how our parallel world was working.
We had still on our minds every sensations we had felt standing there, and what we had seeing, but above all were the feelings that were in us that had left us stunned.
We looked at us one another, but at certain point, i have asked you some sheets. I’ve took a pencil from the little table in front. And i’ve started to write.
It’s been the first time after you have invited me to go in «your appartement» from where i would never move myself, just in few little ocassion.
I have started to write, while you stared at me enchanted. Me, i was estranged, from you, from the appartement, from everything arounded me.
I was starting to write about Our Parallel World. I was writing about my emotions, but also your. I just needed to see your eyes to perceived every little emotions still stored in your heart from that journey.  Feelings, sensations, emotions were the same we had felt.
The most big feeling was the love that we had felt for one for another.
But inside of the feeling of the love that contained everything this, was a mix of other sensations. The mistery of our love, the great passion of the present that was mixing with the past, the fear… and the great sensations that we were feeling in those istant, while i was writing while you was looking at me. Was a great mix of sensations. And we could feeling it around, while the only noise in the appartement was my pencil on the paper, and the pencil was running fast.
You was looking at me on the edge of the sofa close to me.
I have decided to settle myself on the the floor, for write better on the little table.
I, seemed a road roller. I was writing milions of words and when i was finished a paper i starting another one. While you have collecting them, you had took a look on what i wrote. I could felt you sigh. I knew, were the same feelings you had.
I sighed me too. I turned myself and i have see you while you was reading my last sheet full of words. You have lay your back on the backrest of the sofa, while me, i was settling, on the sofa next to you. You have looked at me and softly, you said ‘It’s wonderful…’  caressing my face.
Slowly we dived ourselves in our glances and we given ourselves a long sweet kiss.”


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