ap38forteI was looking at you every our feelings expanded themselves around us and seemed we were for real the centre of the universe that we were creating. We were looking at us one another. We were feeling something grow up inside of us.
We had, already felt a similar sensation when we had made love in our bedroom and we had see the wall open itself and from there we had see part of our world.
But this time was more profound. Was came from our bowels and we were feeling it growing always more. Together this sensantion, something was moving itself between your magic stones.
By now, we knew, would be another signal. The magic stone, this time was Mannaz. Mannaz was saying us that slowly we were learning to knowledge, in this case, of our world.
We were looked at us, one another, and everything had a sense.
Softly you have whisper ‘Everything this, has of the incredible. You, me…’ you had left your speech in suspension, as if me, i knew what you had in your mind, but you, didnt found the right words for continue.
We were remained to look at around, as if we didnt recognize where we were.
Yes, we were in our appartment, but the change wasnt around us, but inside of us, and Mannaz saying it to us. The knowledge was flowing in us, as a fresh liquid in our veins, and everything we had to know was slowly, made part of our being.
This flow, had emptied us, and  we werent been able to keep our eyes open.
Slowy we fell asleep”


⇐“We were

“We woke up ⇒

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