You are here

mccluskie38forteI feel you. You are arrived suddenly, and my heart is about to explode, with all my emotions.
Slowly you’re coming to me and i can feel your arms are softly wrapping me from behind. My emotions are still between the incredulity and what which i feeling in this moment.
I just whispered your name and you have felt it and you came. Trought our parallel world we touched ourselves, and our hearts were move at the same time.
I whispered just your name and you know how much i need of you.
We can see our parallel world open itself in front of us and you stretch your hand and you take me there with you.
There, i feel you holding me tight and everything disappear. We are only us. Our connection is strong, we can feel it, we need of it.
We can see our parallel world trought our eyes. It’s there, inside of us.
When we need to hide ourselves, that enough, to whisper our names and we can fly inside of it.


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