Im feel like

longjohn_contrario_moltiplikcaMy Long John Silver.
Another little operation at the leg, to remove the three pins i have inside my right leg.
I have a tangle in my stomach. I would like cry but i must be strong like Long John.
I sighing and i go foward like you.
It had to be done, from long time and now the time is arrived.
I will face up to my 10th leg operation with you in my heart and im sure i will feel your closeness while i will wake up myself from the operation as the last time.
When i’ve opened my eyes the first person in my mind was been you.
I feel, you are feeling me, cause in these moments im feeling you, and the vise in my stomach is changed, perahps you have read my tweet (who knows).
Now i feel your closeness growing up more than ever.
I feel you’re wrapping me.
That’s incredibile how’s our connection works.
Now i feel you so close to me, you’re next by my side. I can feel you’re whispering my name, and now i dont think about the operation, but just to you.
You have pulled me in our parallel world and now everything is disappeared.
We are just only us, embraced one another.
You dont how much you’re important in these moments of my life.


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