“You was still” – ○177○


Looking at me, surprised of how many things I knew.
I was, me too.
But what we didn’t know was that we had still little time to spend in our parallel world, and the Markùt with their big eyes and their runs around us, wanted warned ourselves that was time to leave.
They were worried, I could felt and with their little paws, and their strange voices they took us at the gate from we were where arrived.

We had to overcome again that thin line where we had felt our breathe make itself short: we had to overcome the Nothing, once again.

We have held our hands, and we had took a deep breathe. For a last time we have turned ourselves round, and we have looked at the Markùts, thanking them.

In a second later, we were going trough the gate to return beyond the rusty gate.
Hand in hand, we were entered in our apartment, with many questions in our heads.
But slowly the replies were came with no any effort.

We were a little bit hungry: we were reasoning a bit.
You went in the kitchen, and you have prepared something.

The one, and only reason was in our minds: the most rational one.
I have waited for you, to talk… to explain you why the Markùts were worried, and why they had pushed us out from the Parallel World.

“If we were remained there for too long time, everything it would be imploded and we, together with all of we have created till now.”
“Everything would been destroyed” you have whispered, looking at me.
“Like the Cinderella enchantment”, and I have added without realizing that I was saying it aloud: “…and we would been killed by what which we had thought was the most beautiful thing of the world. Our feelings.”

You have left fall the glass you had in your hand, on the floor, and you ran toward to me, and you have took my face in your hands, and you whispered: “We will don’t ever happen”.

We have sighed together, and I kissed your palm of the hand.”


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